From right to left: The Managing Director of Rhino Nigeria Trevor Jewitt, pictured with Akins Awoyele Logistics & Procurement Director, Godfrey Ezeji Administration Director and Scot Kilgrow, Construction Manager.

Rhino Maritime Services and Construction Limited is a British/Nigerian Company Established in 2009 to provide specialist engineering and construction services to a rapidly developing Nigerian market.
The company is built around the experience of a highly motivated team comprising of Nigerian and British nationals; although only recently established we draw on over 75 years of combined international experience in management and construction projects. Long term agreements with European technical partners provicde us with design support enhancing our core services by bringing the latest technologies, techniques, to Nigeria.




Rhino Construction is committed to customer satisfaction; we offer value for money, latest technology and commercial integrity. In responding to the continuing search for cost effectiveness, specialist services of managing the pressure of an operations workload our clients can rely on us for support and positive partnership.

Working to this ethics RHINO CONSTRUCTION is committed to:

  • Operate professionally with highly experienced personnel delivering an efficient cost effective service.
  • Quality Control and Schedule Management
  • Stringent Health, Safety and Environment awareness with sound practices.


Our work ethic is based on our reputation as individuals; our management has worked with some of the world’s major construction companies and we hope to bring this experience and contact base to Nigeria to build a company well prepared to meet the challenges of the W. African construction industry.
We will only operate within the parameters of our experience; to assist us achieve this and enhance our companies service base we have formed technical partnership agreements with the following companies:

hydrobolt logo1A UK based company with more than 50 years experience in design and manufacture of a wide range of bolt and nut.


A UK company specialises in the design and manufacture of wire products. Gabion basket and mattresses for erosion control and shore protection dam and reservoir embankment protection. High quality perimeter security fencing to meet stringent standards of multi-nationals energy, oil and gas companies.

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A UK based company with more than 60 years experience in design and manufacture of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous lighting for LNG plants, refinery, petro chemical, ports, street light and stadium etc.




OEM Systems Group is the umbrella brand for BAG electronics and ZALUX. The areas of expertise and products from all companies combined in the OEM Systems Group supplement each other ideally.



1. Provide the appropriate resources, information instruction, training and supervision that has it necessary to ensure the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by our work.

2. Promote and encourage a positive and constructive approach to Health and Safety Management, procedures and culture to ensure that we continually improve our Health and Safety performance.

3. Train and instruct our employees to ensure competency to do their tasks, issues which affect them and safe working practices that should be followed.

4. Provide proper and safe work equipment, plant, and materials.

5. Ensure the safe handling and use of substances

6. Take measures to achieve Health and Safety excellence by eliminating or controlling any foreseeable hazards that may result in injury or illness.

7. Provide arrangements for the effective management of all Health, Safety and Welfare matters.