In accordance with our Local Content Policy, floating jetties located at Marina Complex in Akwa Ibom State were farbricated locally

We are fully behind Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Directive on “Local Content Policy”. Rhino Construction considers “Local Content” as a major influence in company development. Technology transfer and skill acquisition is a critical role in our Company Policy.

We strive wherever possible to employ and train local labor and materials. By adopting this approach we recognize the need to assist wherever possible in creating sustainable economic and social development at work.
We recognize this policy for what it is a means of raising the standards both socially and economically at local level and nationwide.

Fully committed to the Local Content Policy Directive and see it as a means of company development running parallel with social responsibilities. We are fully approved and certified by the ”DPR” AND ”NIPEX” to supply goods and services to the oil and gas industry.

Jetty Constructed using locally sourced materials.