The activities of the company are dredging, marine civil engineering, pipeline support services, design and installation of shore protection, erosion control and prevention schemes, water and waste water pipes and equipment
The company is committed to conducting all of its business and contracting activities in a manner which safeguards the environment in which we all live and work. We shall continually improve our environment performance, endeavour to prevent pollution and carry out our activities within our developing Envinronmental Management System.

Through Our Environmental Management System We Will:
Comply with the requirements of all environmental legislation and other requirements. We will also cooperate with legislative and other relative regulatory bodies in developing and achieving improved performance.
Be committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, which will periodically be reviewed.

Through our Environmental Management System we shall:
1. Prevent pollution to air, land or water by eliminating foreseeable hazard to the environment.
2. Strive to reduce the qualities of waste materials generated by our operations.
3. Reduce the consumption of energy were feasible, throughout it’s operations.
4. Minimize the use of natural resources where possible.
5. Train and communicate with our employees to increase environmental awareness and we shall ensure compliance to our environmental policies and procedures.
6. Communicate this pokicy to all employees and is freely available to all interested parties.
7. Review this policy at least annually to ensure continues suitability and effectiveness in environmental performance.