Rhino construction ensures that this quality policy statement and the associated procedures apply to all activities and work undertaken within the company. We can demonstrate our ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements together with it’s commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through conformity with client needs and continual improvement of our system.

The company’s success is based on the quality and commitment of its highly experienced and professional management and construction staff. Ongoing development of the company’s operations and upgrading of equipment and facilities ensure that we combine the best in modern building techniques with the best in traditional skills.

It is the objective of Rhino Construction to:
Reduce waste, loss, adverse incidents and customer complaints
Identify improvements to existing working practices
Continually evaluate the effectiveness of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental policies and associated documents.
For the company to achieve the above objectives, every employee and sub-contractor must:
Understand the client’s requirements
Be responsible and accountable for the quality of work
The directors of Rhino Construction are totally committed to this quality Policy Statement. This Policy statement will be reviewed at periodic Management Review Meetings atteded by the Directors and key senior staff.